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Asking donation for bullied kid , saying they are cooperating with the local police association or something??

Posted: 2016-08-27


They keep changing their phone number it's most likely a scam. If it was a legitimate American Red Cross they wouldn't be changing the numbers.

Posted: 2016-08-26


called and left no message

Posted: 2016-08-26


Called me on my cellphone. Sick of these calls! I answered this time. Arab accent, telling me that my computer was infected. I asked him if he thought I was stupid, he acted like he didn't hear me so I said it again. I then asked him for his boss/supervisor, he hung up. I blocked the number from my phone.

Posted: 2016-08-25


Got a phone call. No message left.

Posted: 2016-08-25


I have received multiple phone calls on my cell the last two days. No message left from caller as I didn't answer. I know there are multiple people who are fautulent and I dont answer unless I know the number.

Posted: 2016-08-25


This number calls 2 3 4 times day.complete hang up call back gang up call back

Posted: 2016-08-25


Someone who threatened to come to my house if I don't call them back

Posted: 2016-08-25


I received a call from 256 495 8492, on 8 24 16, black man did not identify himself, said only he was with Visa/MasterCard and wanted to know if I charged on their system. Said he was going to be in our area the next day, 8 25 16 and would be here at 3pm. I asked him where he was, right now, he said Dallas TX. Told him we did not take visitors, gates are locked and don't want visitors. He continued to act like I had not told him that and said he would be here at my locked gates at 3pm 8 25 16. Please have them unlocked. I said, "No we do not take visitors". He then said, O.K. I'll see you at 3pm and hung up. He was not rude, just adamant...

Posted: 2016-08-25


Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.

Posted: 2016-08-25


Called and hung up at 9:18 am, getting blocked now.

Posted: 2016-08-25


repeated calls on caller I.D.

Posted: 2016-08-25


scammers changed to another spoofed number. also blocked.

Posted: 2016-08-25


The answers are: Cheese The shadows under the stairs Doesn't everyone (in no particular order) yes and no or maybe Only when the steam powered chair loses pressure

Posted: 2016-08-25


Spam. Selling college. Do not answer. Name is Mike Jones on Rutherford Way Hendersonville, TN Block this number. Called me 4 times in the last 24 hrs. Have blocked number.

Posted: 2016-08-25


Mesothelioma ambulance chasers real scam ignore this call at all costs

Posted: 2016-08-25


Reported known scam call. Big Horn county sheriff says these are fraudsters posing as sheriff deputies. Blocked number to auto reject list. More info available at:

Posted: 2016-08-25


Received a call from Dan clerc (508)525-7492 at 1130. Didn't answer. No message left

Posted: 2016-08-25


Anyone knows who calls from this phone number.

Posted: 2016-08-25


Said it was Alameda Sheriff Dept calling. They asked how I was. I replied busy at work and they hung up

Posted: 2016-08-25

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